In recent months, we have been reminded more and more of those we have impacted in previous years. When we picked up Clements, we were once again hit with the realities of how our life flights can change a family's story forever.


Thank You Western Skyways

Over the past 10 years, Western Skyways has partnered with us and installed the engines in all of our floatplanes at cost. Their engines have provided continuous operational reliability covering 30,000 miles of jungle in Papua New Guinea. This past month, CEO Mark Palm and Board Member Joey Burns had the opportunity to thank their incredible team for their partnership over the years and to pick up our newest floatplane and fly it to Texas for its final modifications.

Welcome Hovenden Family

Robert and Katie Hovenden, along with their four children, have joined our Samaritan Aviation team! Robert is a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Technician whose goal is to join our families in PNG in 2021 as our Director of Aviation Maintenance!


Our Missionary Families

Please continue to pray for our missionary families as they serve in a very remote part of the world. Pray for their safety, that they would feel encouraged, and that their strength would be renewed each day.


In 2016, Samaritan Aviation celebrated a huge milestone: a second floatplane! For the first six years of operations in Papua New Guinea, any kind of maintenance on our plane would mean a complete stop to any lifesaving flights or medicine deliveries. A second floatplane meant that even if one was down for maintenance, we could always answer an emergency call. Our small Samaritan Aviation “fleet” now opened us up to more opportunities, like transporting large medical teams for a village outreach and, in later years, assisting in the country’s polio vaccination campaign.

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