On the Karawari River, an offshoot of the Sepik, an aid worker was desperately working to save the lives of Anna and Lisma, 11-month-old twins from Kundiman. For over a week, their tiny bodies suffered from frequent diarrhea, vomiting, and fever, leaving them weak and in desperate need of medical attention.


Anna and Lisma represent two more lives that were saved and another family that has been impacted by the Good News of Jesus. An average life flight costs just $252 in fuel. For $21 a month, you can sponsor a flight that will bring hope and save a life, or maybe two!


Joining Samaritan Aviation in May of 2015, this past month the Cooke family celebrated five years on our staff. We are so grateful for their strengths and their hearts as they have helped us become a better organization!


Our Chief Operations Officer Bryan Yeager joined our staff in June of 2013. Bryan’s background of serving as a missionary overseas, pastoring, and running large events for Promise Keepers has prepared him for his role at Samaritan Aviation. He is a true servant who has been an amazing support to our staff families in PNG. He also oversees the USA operations, and works closely with the Samaritan Aviation CEO and Board.

“Bryan has played a vital role in the success we have had as an organization these past seven years and I am looking forward to working alongside him for many years to come.” - CEO Mark Palm

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